The Debut Single

#SupportTheArtist and #StopPiracy

​I'm ‪#‎devastated‬.

As you all know my debut ‪#‎comedysingle‬, one 17-second joke on compact disc, goes on sale this Thursday for $10.99. As excited as I am, I just uncovered some terrible news.

My single has leaked. A Pirate Bay user named JokeNut69 has uploaded a torrent to the illegal file-sharing site.

This news is like a punch to the gut. I stand to lose thousands and thousands of dollars from those who would have otherwise purchased my 17-second joke on compact disc for $10.99. What people don't realize is that this hurts the real people who worked on this single. I won't be able to pay Mindy Tucker for the cover photos she took. I won't be able to pay Tom Censani for his design work. I won't be able to pay Ian Stroud for the creative consultive services he provided. Real people with real jobs pay the price of piracy.

Despite possibly losing thousands from piracy, I won't raise the price. I'm no hero... I just think $10.99 is a fair price and I won't raise it to cover for losses. This is a $10.99 joke and that's how it's going to stay.

I'd love my ‪#‎FANS‬ - all you ‪#‎parrotheads‬ out there - to take a stand against piracy with me. As you tirelessly promote my single, please use the hashtag‪#‎SupportTheArtist‬ along with #comedysingle.

Here's the torrent link for reference, but not for illegal downloading please! I want you to pay $10.99 for the joke!