Here's Why It Costs $10.99:

I've been a comedian for 6 years, and I'm pretty good! So rest assured that this will be a $10 joke. It's funny. I know that some people don't think a single 17-second-long joke should be worth $10.99, so that's why I'm including a dance mix of the joke made by Chambaland. Here's a teaser of the joke:


And think about everything you get from comedians for free. Tweets, videos online, etc. I think it's about time you guys pony up for something. And my costs on this weren't cheap. I had to pay a graphic designer and CDs themselves are super expensive, especially when you get them shrink-wrapped like I did. And I even had to pay someone to edit the audio so it sounds like more people were in the audience laughing at the joke that were actually there. That stuff isn't cheap, and trust me you wouldn't have been as impressed if I didn't sweeten up those laughs! So you're welcome, I guess. Now give me $10.99 please!


Zach Broussard, Comedian

The Debut Single